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Master Keyed Systems - Independent Cardiff Locksmith


Master Keyed suits are very common in certain areas as this gives protection between people allocated an area with their own specific lock but gives someone in charge to get access to the whole suite of locks which the master key rules over.  Master keyed locks can be fitted anywhere but are only common on cylinder locks such as the Rim, Euro and Oval Cylinders.


Master Keyed Suites works by having as many locks as you require with each lock having its own personalised keys which don't work on any one of the other locks within the suite but then having a Master Key which will overrule any one of the locks and allow them to Lock and Unlock. Our independent and approved locksmiths Can order these niche locking systems and fully approved and qualified to do so. 


approved locksmith cardiff This design works incredibly well for franchise shops, landlords and most over a business that has more than one allocated premises. James Cardiff Locksmith can talk you through all the requirements and information about these locks. One question which often comes up is that normal locking systems which get fitted do not show being of high quality against attacks and the answer to this is that due to the prices of the systems people often don't like to pay the cost of the more highly rated locks but are very worthwhile if you do decide to have these fitted to a franchise of shops or business' due to the importance and cost of valuable items stored within the building.


If you do decide a Master Keyed system is right for you and shortly afterwards you need a new lock for other premises which is yours, We can arrange for another lock to be made and still work with the Master Key over-ruling the lock this can be great due to the fact that new business premises can still be managed by the same Master Key.



A client new to James Cardiff Locksmith, needed a master keyed system to suit their needs, which entailed them having to change 19 locks on 19 individual Self Contained Apartments to a Master System. This job was being overseen by the local council to give emergency residence to people in need of emergency shelter. 

  • All Locks had to have individual Keys.
  • Override Master key which would open all the locks. 
  • Needed a Thumbturn on the inside so Fire Exit within an emergency. 
  • 3 Star Rated Locks / The highest security rating for Euro Locks. 
  • Locks had a non-standard size being specialists made to order.



Smart Locks and Fitting 

There is also a range of over systems which are electronic which James Cardiff Locksmith supply and fit. These electronic systems which with the same principle as manual operating keys but instead of a normal cylinder key you would either have a fob or a key card. These systems many used for hospitals, schools and other large premises.  Electronic systems have many great features over key-operated Master Keyed systems such as 



  • Locks don't have to be changed if Card is lost 
  • Can specify time and date which card can only be used 
  • Key is a lot lighter and of less cost
  • A person in charge of the admin can add and delete cards from the system with no skills and little knowledge


As There were certain factors to this job which are irregular to the normal systems we install it took a little longer than what we expected to have the locks in our locksmith's possession to be fitted. As the locks were a size of 75mm - 45mm, 120mm overall this meant our supplier didn't have stock in-house to supply the locks immediately due to the irregular size. This took several weeks to be ordered and made. All cylinders had to be replaced with the current standard rating which was already installed on the current doors, being 3-star cylinders. 

When the locks were finally delivered to our locksmiths, This job being an immediate need of fitting due to the specification for the needs of the locks. We arranged directly with our client for the next working day to have all locks fitted. Our 2 locksmiths arrived early on-site to give the best possible chance of being completed quickly