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Keyed Alike Locks Cardiff

keyed Alike Locks - Made by James

Keyed Alike locks can be fitted to any door where you wish to have these types of locks fitted. There and many different types of locks that James Cardiff Locksmith supplies which offer this service, Mortice locks, which is operated by leavers and also cylinders which are operated by pins. Please be aware that if you have a keyed Alike system which is operated by Mortice locks this will not work on Cylinders and also vice versa this is due to the fact that these locks are made totally different and have two totally different types of keys.  

Keyed Alike locking systems are made up by having the lock made with the exact same size components as to each lock which is going to be opened from the same key. The majority of people like to have the same key for the front and back doors. This can be great if you only ever wish to have the need for one key.

Keyed Alike systems are not only made for manual operating keys but also key cards and fobs. Were as with keys there is no authorisation just whoever holds that key can gain entry to the lock which it fits. With Card keys and Fobs, there is a lot more control over who can use them. For instance, if there was a keyed Alike System fitted to the local university and example Professor Clumps lost his key card 2213 then he would just go to the person in charge of the admin of the keys then that person would just delete card 2213 off the system immediately and give Professor Clumps a new Key Card with a new number.  As an experienced Locksmith, I have come across many systems which are very useful in all different circumstances. 

We supply and fit, customers of Cardiff with these systems, Haveing your business or home with a Key Alike system is very unique. If you would like more information on this service please phone me James your local locksmith of Cardiff and I will have no problem talking about what would be best suited for yourself as no system is identical. 

If you do proceed I will arrange a time to come out and measure up, then it can take up to 2 weeks for these locks to be made where I would arrange another appointment for me to come out and install the system with great friendly service from James Cardiff Locksmith 

Master Keyed And Keyed Alike Systems / In-house Made

We now offer certain key systems to be made in-house in our dedicated workshop rather than getting the supplier to make them and ship them out. This offers customers of our in and around Cardiff a more convenient way to have cylinders made of Euro, Rim, and Deadlocking locks made. This use to take us around 7-10 working days for the lock turnaround but now this usually gets turned around in as little as 2 working days. 

The current locks we use to make keyed alike locks for Euro and Rim Cylinders are currently the main ones we use at present which are the ASEC Vital range of locks. We hold all the parts usually in stock to make any size of Euro or Rim to make it to any other opposing lock to give it a keyed Alike so to make it the same as another lock. 

We can also do a quick turnaround if you need a Master Keyed system made where all the ASEC locks we install have a different key and one key will override the entire lot. 

We have actually picked the Asec range of locks for us to make this in-house to due normal key cutting shops can actually cut the keys at your disposal as the key profile is of a standard range. So you don't need to come back to our locksmiths Workshop as this can be quite disappointing if you have never requested a resticted key profile and finding it hard to come as living quite far away and also keys can be priced matched elsewere.  

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