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High Security Lock

The Good And The Bad About Top Of The Range Locks From A Locksmith

There are a few different kinds of high security locks which James Locksmith cardiff offers installation and sale, but also opening doors with high security locks on them.  As these locks offer a higher level of security the sale and unlocking of these locks are more expensive but can be very cost effective due to the fact that they are not vulnarable to attacks from burglars. We offer our locksmith services through out Cardiff, Barry, Penarth and the majority of South Wales. Our Safe Engineer is capable of opening the majority of locks.

High security Lock / Replacement locks Fitting

When changing locks it is always a good idea to have higher security locks fitted than the previous ones. This is good for many reasons. James Your Locksmith in Cardiff can do this to the majority of doors in and around Cardiff. Call us now for a free no obligation quote.

Good points of High Security Locks

  • Drill resistant
  • Pick Resistant 
  • Snap ResistantHigh Security Lock Fitting Cardiff
  • Bump Resistant
  • Can be Fitted within 20 minutes
  • Keys are made of a higher quality material (less likely of snapping)
  • Same price as normal lock for fitting
  • Some insurance companies offer discount if high security locks are fitted

Bad Points of High Security Locks

  • Lock Cost more than or double of a normal Lock
  • Additional cost of keys are more than normal cut keys
  • James Locksmith Cardiff will charge more than normal to open one of these locks with our mobile locksmith service

As you can see from the good and bad points of high security locks the good points out weigh the bad points. The bad points of high security locks are all due to cost but one of the good points is that some insurances offer discount. Our Locksmith are able to change and upgrade you to these Anti Snap Locks

High security locks come in all different makes, from Mult-t, Yale, Garrison and Police Approved but there is a continuous amount of locks which offer a range of security which makes them far more secure than standard locks.

These security devices in High Security Locks can be:-

    • Hard pins or harder steel on face of lock, which drill bits won't work
    • False notches on BS standard 5 leaver locks, which are not able to pick
    • Cut in Lock, Which the front of the lock only snaps leaving the lock still locked
    • Lock can be deadlocked, which won't be bypassed to open

There has been rare occasions when we have turned up to domestic properties which require opening of a locked door and hold diamond rated 3 star locking systems. When James Cardiff Locksmith arrive to these odd occasion jobs we have to re quote the customer as these locking devices are far harder to deal with and open compared to standard locking systems.

High Security Locks Can come in all different types of ranges for Anything which requires a locking device. James Cardiff Locksmith your Locksmith Cardiff can give you advice of how to update your locking device to a higher security locking device.

Vehicle Locks can be updated to a more higher secure lock. For example at this present moment a lot of thieves are breaking in to the Ford Transit van with the Tibbee Lock. James Locksmith Cardiff recommends to all the people who own a Ford Transit to update there locking device to a either a lock called the Hykee or have Slam Locks Fitted. This will make the thieves unable to open the doors from the Tibbee lock as it has been changed to a higher secure lock. 

We also Deal with Locksmithing of Cars and Auto Locksmithing